Benefits of CBD Oil – My 1 Month Experiment
October 23, 2018

Benefits of CBD Oil – My 1 Month Experiment

After my Mom passed away in November 2012, I began to battle with anxiety and depression. It became very clear to me after three or four months of her passing, that I needed to get help. I first tried talking to a psychologist to help deal with my new normal, but it just wasn’t for me. It felt unnatural to schedule an appointment that I ultimately knew would make me sad and more than likely ruin the rest of my day. Around the same time that I came to this realization, the psychologist I was seeing recommended I go and “talk” to someone else.

She wrote down the information for me so that I could schedule an appointment with the new person. I went home and Googled the doctor’s name, only to be shocked and offended that I was being referred to a psychiatrist!

I thought to myself immediately, “I don’t need drugs! My Mom passed away, I’m supposed to be sad! Drugs are for weak people!”

(Of course now I know this ISN’T true, but this was honestly how I felt at the time)

During the next visit with the psychologist, she’d asked me if I scheduled an appointment with the new doctor and I told her EXACTLY what I had on my mind! I didn’t plan on making an appointment with the psychiatrist she recommended, nor did I plan on seeing her ever again! I left the appointment early, and never turned back. I just returned to my life as best as I knew how.

About a month later, I started to wake up every morning with the worst headaches of my life. I didn’t relate the headaches with depression, because I used to get bad headaches a lot in college and I just figured I was unlucky in having them return all of a sudden. After a few weeks of waking up EVERYDAY with a pounding headache and even missing work because of them, I did what any one would do. I went on WebMD and self-diagnosed. Turns out the depression was more than likely causing my headaches, which would explain why the Excedrine was no longer working for me. Because I knew I was depressed, and what I had been doing, which was nothing, wasn’t helping, I “gave in” and called the psychiatrist I had been referred to a couple month earlier.

I went to the appointment, sad and embarrassed that I was “weak” and that I did need the drugs, that I wasn’t strong enough to work through this on my own! The Doctor got straight to the point, it was very “matter of fact”. He took about five seconds to ask me what was going on then explained to me which drugs he recommended and how each of them worked. I left the appointment with a prescription for Welbutrin for the depression, Lorazepam for the anxiety, and he also prescribed a compound for me to take for the headaches. I filled the prescriptions immediately on my way home, but I only intended on taking the compound in the morning for the headaches. After all, I’m not weak, I don’t need the meds.

I came back in two weeks for my next appointment because although I didn’t take the Welbutrin or the Lorazepam, I was out of the headache pills and I wasn’t going to risk not having those. During my appointment the doctor asked me how the medicine had been working out for me. I explained that I only took the meds for the headaches, which was working fine. He explained to me that I wouldn’t need the compound for the headaches, if I started taking the Welbutrin everyday. So, I did. And it made me feel great! I felt soooooo stupid for not taking the medicine sooner! Best of all the headaches were gone and overall my mood was much better!

With some ups and downs and changes in dosages, new meds and doctors, I took prescriptions to help with my depression and anxiety for nearly five years. I discovered that a lot of people were taking some sort of medication to help with similar issues. Most importantly, I understood that taking the medicine or needing help wasn’t a sign of weakness. It’s actually one of the bravest things you can do!

Recently, with all the news coverage on legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, I began to do some research. I thought it was only for people with severe illnesses that caused seizures and for those with cancer. Before she passed, my Mom had a medication that helped to increase her appetite during cancer treatment. I remember my Aunt, who is a nurse, saying that it was basically a “weed pill”. I found that CBD or Cannabidiol, which is found in marijuana plants, has been known to help reduce depression and anxiety, as one of its many benefits.

I find that with prescription drugs, they need tweaking every now and then, at least for me.  Also, I felt a physical and mental difference if I forgot to take the meds and it would take a while to restore my mood back to “normal” if I missed several doses in one week. I decided to finally give CBD oil a try and now I’m completely off the prescription meds!


Watch the video below to hear how I now use CBD oil daily to help with depression and anxiety.

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