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How To Get A Yes – Cold Calling Script

So you just got started in the vending machine business. You’ve filed all the correct paperwork, applied for all the required licenses, signed up as a member at your local wholesale club, like Sam’s Club, and even have your eye on a few vending machines. The only thing left is to secure a location.

No problem! You’ve already downloaded your free copy of 50 Vending Machine Locations and even come up with a few more locations on your own!

Now you’re ready to place some machines, but what’s the best way to do this?

Well, you could grab a handful of business cards and go door to door. But who wants to drive around in traffic and waste gas, only to find out that the decision maker is on vacation and won’t be back until next week? Or be greeted by a “no soliciting” sign?

You could also try your luck and run some ads on Facebook or Google and hope that someone calls you for a vending machine before you go bankrupt paying for clicks.

Neither of these options appealed to me either when I was starting out. I found the best thing for me was to make phone calls, yes, cold calling!

Cold calling, making an unsolicited attempt to sell goods or services, in person or more commonly, over the phone, is extremely effective in the vending industry.

I gathered a list of businesses and sat down to make some calls.

After making several calls, being a nervous wreck, fumbling and stumbling over my words, I decided it would be best to create a script that I could follow. This way, I already knew what I was going to say and that made me feel more confident. After several variations, I finally created a script that really works! It’s quick, to the point, and effective!

So effective that this exact script helped me grow my business by FIVE times in just six months! I even broke down the components of a great script so you can write your own!


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