America’s Most Wanted Top Copycat Restaurant Recipes


Copycat Restaurant Recipes? Yes, Please!

I’m all for #stayathome and doing my part to stop the spread of COVID-19, but I’m bored with cooking the same recipes for dinner night after night after night! The national restaurant chains are spending millions of dollars putting ads on TV to remind us that they are still open for business. Since all restaurants have closed their dining rooms, our only options at this point are pickup or delivery.

Sure, you can order dinner and go pick it up, increasing your chances of contracting and/or spreading the virus, after you’ve waited 735 minutes for it to be ready.

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Or you can do my favorite thing which is to order from the comfort of your own home, but who wants to keep paying high delivery fees and inflated food costs for UberEats or Postmates??

But for many of us, since we don’t know how long it will be until we receive another paycheck or money from the stimulus package that no one can agree on, we’re sticking to homemade dinners.

During my search to find quick and easy dinner recipes, I stumbled across an ebook called, America’s Restaurant Recipes! It has over 120 copycat recipes from 60 of the country’s top restaurants!

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Copycat Restaurant Recipes

This book includes restaurants from your favorite places like Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, TGI Friday’s, Outback Steakhouse! There are even recipes from your favorite fast-food restaurants like Chick Fil A, McDonald’s, KFC, Popeye’s and even Sonic!

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You don’t have to spend hours online searching for copycat restaurant recipes or trying to follow a free online tutorial for famous restaurant recipes because this book has included the best version for you to re-create in your own kitchen!

Famous Restaurant Recipes

With America’s Favorite Recipes copycat cookbook, you can learn how to make secret recipes like the ones below:

KFC Original Chicken Recipe and Buttermilk Biscuits

Chili’s Baby Back Ribs

Benihana’s Japanese Fried Rice

California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Pizza

Hooter’s Buffalo Wings

Red Lobster’s Shrimp Diablo and Cheddar Biscuits

Outback Steakhouse’s Walkabout Soup and Honey Wheat Bushman Bread

Panera’s Broccoli Cheese Soup

Olive Garden’s Five Cheese Lasagna

TGI Friday’s Sizzling Chicken and Cheese

There are also plenty of recipes for desserts you can use, whether you’re tired of you same old homemade cookie receipe or looking to make something for a special occasion. You can choose from the following just to list a few:

The Cheesecake Factory’s Oreo Cheesecake

Applebee’s Walnut Blondie with Maple Butter Sauce

Arby’s Apple Turnovers

Junior’s Famous No.1 Cheesecake

Olive Garden’s Tiramisu

Save Money with Restaurant Recipes

I don’t have to tell you that spending money at restaurants for dinner can get expensive! The average American family eats out 3 times or more per week!

If you prepare these meals just ONCE a week instead of going out, you can save over $180 each month or more! But once you see how easy these copycat restaurant recipes are to make and how great they taste, once a week just won’t be enough!

Now all you have to do is go to your local grocery store and pick up the ingredients to make your favorite restaurant recipes right at home. The recipe book even includes guidelines for buying fresh fruit, vegetables, and Herb and Spices. If you’re a beginner there are plenty of helpful cooking tips, a run down on cooking terms, and a reference guide for symbols used in the recipes. You’re only a click away from enjoying your favorite restaurant recipes in the comfort of your own home!

Click the link below to your copy today!

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