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State Vending License Requirements

Vending machines are a great source of extra income. They can be placed just about anywhere and some are even used around the clock! If you care considering vending as a way to make money, you will need to first start by getting a vending license or permit. The requirements to run a vending machine business vary by state. Find your state below to learn about its requirements for a vending license!

Vending License by State

It’s a good idea to gather all the necessary information and documents together to prepare fill out the vending license information. You may need the following information:

  • Beverage license, if necessary
  • Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Sales tax number
  • Food service license, if necessary

If you prefer to have help, Corpnet has a great business license research package and tons of other services you need to get your vending machine business started off the right way!

Don’t forget to check out the How To Start A Vending Machine Business – Cheat Sheet to learn about the importance of vending licenses and more!


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