Hi, I'm Candra!
 I'm a full-line vending machine owner and operator! I created this course to help people like you get started  in vending the right way teaching proven strategies for buying machines and finding locations, so you can confidently run a successful vending machine business!
If you are:
  • Interested in getting started in vending
  • A current vending business owner
  • Looking for a new way to create passive income
This course is for you!

"Candra made the vending business very simple to understand. She provided step by step details of the daily operations and broke down the costs of starting and maintaining the business. Those things together made her services extremely valuable!"

D.S., November 2016


A vending machine business can have a low initial investment, doesn't require you to have any special skills to get started!


"I had been interested in getting vending machines for a while, but I always wondered how I would find really good locations. I set aside some time to talk to Candra and I'm glad I did. It helped me so much! One of the most important things I learned about was the use of credit cards in different types of locations and the affects on profit."

P.W., September 2017


The vending machine business is Recession Proof!

"I was interested in buying some used machines from someone that had them at my daughter's after school center. I discussed the situation with Candra and she told me what to look for when buying used equipment. She also saved me money, by helping me figure out how to calculate a fair price for the machines."


K.J., October 2017

Course Content

Module 1


This module is all about the Machines! You'll learn about different types of vending, determining whether you should buy new or used, and even how many machines you need to get started!


Module 2


Location, location, location! After all, this is the heart of the business! We'll discuss basic location requirements, the tools to help you find them, contracts, commission, and much more. This module is packed with tools that will get you started in the right direction!


Module 3


Take on trends like healthy vending and learn how to do it right! Get a grasp on product sourcing, pricing, and product selection. Avoid losing money on expired products and overpaying!


Module 4


Now that you've locked down your locations, here's where you learn how to keep them! See the tools and equipment I use daily and learn about machine maintenance and repair!


Plus, Exclusive Bonus Content!!
Credit Card Processors
Inventory and Route Management
Product Optimization
And More!
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